FAQ’s – I Am Celebrant Sam | Wedding Celebrant

Will you do burnouts
on a motorbike to
create dust for our
perfect shot?



Some frequently asked questions are below,
if you have another question, please get in contact!

Will you meet up with us before we make the decision to book you in?

Of course I will. Its important that you feel I’m the right fit for you guys and for your day. I usually suggest we catch up, maybe grab a coffee (or something a little stronger) and just have a chat. I usually bring along the NOIM to get it out of the way but this can be used if you choose to go elsewhere as well.

How early do we need to confirm our booking and pay the 20% deposit?

I find that 9 – 12 months is ideal. This gives us heaps of time to work together on creating the ceremony that you guys want, as well as taking another item off the task sheet nice and early. No one wants a Bride/Groomzilla.

How long will the ceremony go for?

My average ceremony lasts for around 15 – 20 mins. I find this is the right amount of time. Long enough to keep Grandma happy, but short and sweet enough to keep everyone engaged and entertained. I don’t want to be up there all day telling you my opinion and theories on love. You’ve decided to get married, you already know why.

Can we see a sample ceremony or video?

Most definitely. I like to send an array of previous ceremonies, showing you a couple of different styles of weddings. It gives you a chance to see my typical vibe and offer any feedback you have in regards to your own ceremony.

Will you travel?

Well, someone didn’t read the about page… I thought we were friends? Anyway, I’m based in Queensland but am keen to travel anywhere you want me to go. By law, I can only marry people within Australia. So, I guess, that kinda bounds my services to, oh, 7.692 million km2! Some additional charges may apply to cover my travel costs, but we can chat about that.

The Verdict.

Sam is easy going and extremely humble.
It was lovely to sit down with Sam and feel at ease.

We really enjoyed talking and laughing about our relationship after which Sam produced a ceremony that couldn't have been more suited to us. His calm der meaner and stylish look was perfect on the wedding day.If you want a stylish, chilled and modern celebrant, Sam is your man!

Sara Jayne and Nic RogersMaleny, Queensland

Sam is great at his job.
We couldn’t have asked for a more composed and organised ceremony.

He took care of everything. Eccentric, yet relaxed, compelling and vibrant. He made our day beautiful. If anyone is looking for one of the coolest cats for a celebrant. Sam is the man. Thanks, mate.

Doug and Bridget Gore MALENY, QUEEENSLAND.